Here’s What You Need to Do to Get Started on a New Roof

When you are ready to replace your old roof with a new roof, there are 3 primary processes you will encounter to get the job done. These include the inspection process, insurance process, and of course, the construction process. Fortunately, the majority of the work and liability rests in the hands of your roofing professionals; all you have to do is be the decision maker and move forward with accepted bid.

Continue reading to learn what to expect from each stage in the roof replacement process, as well as, who to trust to get the job done right the first time, and in a time frame that is convenient for you.

Indianapolis Roof Replacement 317-506-1358
Indianapolis Roof Replacement 317-506-1358

❶ Inspection

The inspection process is vital to the overall reroofing project because it pinpoints problem areas, areas that need improvement, and much more. It sets the tone for the next two stages of the roof replacement job, insurance and construction. It can also help home and property owners save some money and implement protective, preventative maintenance plans for their roofing systems.

Once the inspection process is complete, your roofing team will sit down and discuss their assessment, and develop a reroofing plan for your property. If you accept their bid, you will fill out a series of paperwork, officially granting permission to move forward with the work.

❷ Insurance

The insurance process is often times the most confusing or frustrating part of a roof repair or replacement project. But what many property owners do not realize is, their roofing contractors will help them with most of the insurance dealings. All you have to do is contact your carrier, let them know who you have hired for the job, that the job will be at Replacement Cost Value, and send them the bid you received from the roofing company.

They will either approve, deny, or adjust the bid. If approved, they will send you a check for the work. After you contact your insurance carrier, contact your roofer and give them your claim number and the date of the adjuster’s appointment so that they can compare the adjuster’s summary report with their own recommendations.

❸ Construction

The construction process is self-explanatory. After all the paperwork and insurance coverage is managed, the actual demolition and rebuilding of your new roof can begin. A professional and reputable roofing company will take several measures to protect your property, landscaping, and more, while working. Furthermore, they will operate using the strictest internal safety codes to abate accidents and injuries. How can you find a roofing company to fill these shoes?

Choose RMG Roofing in Indianapolis

Call RMG Roofing at 317-506-1358 for professional Indianapolis roof replacement you can trust. We are licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractors who provide residential and commercial roof repair and installation services at economical prices. Regardless of your roof type, size, or scope, we are fully-equipped to deliver outstanding results that last. Request an on-site roof inspection to get started!

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