Everything You Need to Know About Recycling Asphalt Roof Shingles

Recycling in any aspect is a great way to contribute to the preservation and conservation of our Planet and its natural resources. One way to expand your recycling initiatives is to recycle your old asphalt roof shingles the next time you have roofing repairs or need a full on roof replacement. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about asphalt roof shingle recycling, including where you can learn more about asphalt roof repair and replacement.

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Asphalt Roof Shingles

Asphalt is made from natural aggregate material and some type of natural binder. These constituents are 100% recyclable, making anything made from asphalt recyclable too. This includes roof shingles! Asphalt roof shingles, once recycled, are often used to make roads, or to improve the quality and strength of existing asphalt pavements. They are also used to produce energy, road maintenance products, and even additional roofing shingles!

Benefits of Asphalt Recycling

To recycle asphalt shingles is to preserve and protect our planet by reducing the need to mine for new ores, factory emissions produced by manufacturing new asphalt roofing materials, and landfill volume. Asphalt recycling is also good for the local economy since it creates jobs, stimulates spending, and reduces road maintenance and paving costs. Best of all, asphalt roof shingle recycling gives you a great feeling knowing that you made a positive environmental contribution!

How to Recycle Roof Shingles

Most roof shingles are recyclable, but it is important to ensure that the shingles you wish to recycle are going to the right collector. After all, you wouldn’t want to bring wood shingles to a scrap metal buyer. So be sure your shingles are indeed asphalt, or bitumen, before taking them to an asphalt recycling center. To find a local asphalt recycler in your town, simply perform an online query using your preferred search engine, such as Google or Bing.

For Indiana, here are some recommended asphalt roof shingle recyclers:

Indiana Shingle Recycling LLC
3725 S Harding Street
Indianapolis IN 46217
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📧 info@indianashinglerecycling.com

Shingle Recycling, LLC
8000 E 160th St.
Noblesville IN  46062
🕻 765-469-7600
📧 info@shinglerecyclinllc.com

Roof Replacement Information

Roofs are not designed to last forever. Eventually, they have to be replaced. Whether from inclement weather, storm damage, or simply time, roofs can fall victim to several circumstances that call for reroofing service. These damages can become exponential, and only worsen with time. Neglecting a roof replacement is not only dangerous to your safety and the safety of others, it is harmful to your property’s value. For this reason, it is vital to have your roof replaced when the time comes. If your roof is more than 20 years old, it is likely ready for replacement.

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