Does Your Roofing Have Soft Spots?

This time of year is a busy time for roofers since the effects of a cold, wet winter finally begin to show themselves in the form of needed roof repairs and maintenance. One of the most common questions professional roofing contractors get in the spring and summer seasons has to do with soft spots. That’s right; property owners commonly ask why their roofs look soft in some places.

If you have caught yourself with this similar thought, then it is vital that you continue to read below. Learn where these soft spots come from and why their presence calls for emergency roof repair.

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Soft Spot Formation

Property owners who ask about soft spots are referring to areas of the roof that seem to dip, or appear damp and soggy. Soft spots form in roofing systems due to gaps and defects in roof shingles. As a result, rain and other types of moisture seep within, thus soaking the sheeting or underlayment that lies beneath the shingles. Overtime, underlayment is known to deteriorate, especially if it is made of an organic material like plywood. Eventually, the moisture and deterioration will cause a dip or depression in the surface of the roof, which gives you an indication that something is wrong.

Emergency Roof Repair

If you have a soft spot in your roofing system, it is a sign of water leakage. Water leaks are bad news, as water is the number one enemy of your roof and siding, alike. It is strongly encouraged to contact a professional Indianapolis roofing company for emergency roof inspection and repair. The longer you wait to have a water leak in your roof addressed, the more extensive the structural damages will be, and accordingly, your repair bills.

Although if you have found one soft spot it is likely there will be more, fortunately, you mostly likely will not need a whole new roof. In most cases, roof soft spots can be treated and repaired using a systematic approach involving specialized equipment and supplies. Be sure to choose a licensed and insured roof repair company that has several years of experience in the industry. They can deliver the proper installation, roof ventilation, and preventative maintenance you need to ensure these soft spots do not return.

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