Do You Have Water Stains On Your Ceiling?

Inspecting your ceilings is not a common, everyday priority for most homeowners. But today, take a close look at the ceilings in your home. Do you see any moisture spots or water stains? If so, it could be a sign of roof damage. Even the smallest spot of moisture can be an indication that water is leaking between your ceiling and your roof. In this case, it is important to know exactly what you need to do to stop the leak and correct the underlying problem. Continue reading to learn just that!

Indianapolis Roof Leak Repair 317-506-1358

Indianapolis Roof Leak Repair 317-506-1358

When you spot signs of water or moisture in your ceilings, you must take immediate action before the problem can get worse. Things like more water seepage, structural damage, tedious renovations, and costly energy bills are to be expected after waiting too long to repair a water leak in your roof.

Here’s what to do if you see water stains on your ceilings:

Locate the Source

In many cases, this is not possible for the average homeowner. Extended investigations require professional equipment, resources, and training of a skilled roofing contractor. However, sometimes the source of the problem is very evident, and homeowners can easily find where the water is coming from.

If you are not experienced in handy work, do not put much effort into this step. Contact a licensed and insured roofing contractor for professional assistance. They can locate the source quickly, and provide an estimate for the work, all in the same visit. Aside from roof damage, the most common culprits are leaking plumbing pipes and water running along the rafters (or piping) that drop into the ceiling.

Additional Causes May Include:

⇥ Old Plumbing Pipes
⇥ Defective Piping
⇥ Chimney Cracks
⇥ Cracks in Stucco
⇥ Gaps in AC Ductwork
⇥ Old Caulk
⇥ Defective Shower Pans
⇥ Insufficient Insulation

Roof Damage and Repair

In many cases of ceiling moisture, the roof is the point of interest. And most often in these cases, there is more than just one source of water runoff causing the interior leakage. For this reason, professional roof inspection and repair is necessary, and as soon as possible. A water leak in your roof, or anywhere in your home, should be treated as an emergency. Take immediate action and contact an Indianapolis roofing contractor for emergency assistance.

Indianapolis Emergency Roof Repair

Indianapolis Roofing Contractors

Indianapolis Roofing Contractors 317-506-1358

Call RMG Roofing at 317-506-1358 to request a free, on-site estimate for roof repair or replacement, today. We are licensed and insured roofing contractors who are fully-equipped to manage any roof repair or replacement project, including outdoor sheds and detached garages. We offer emergency services, workmanship warranties, and much more. Contact us at 317-506-1358 to learn the affordable options for roof repair, today.

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