Critical Safety Tips for Using a Ladder on the Roof

Indianapolis Roofing Contractors 317-506-1358

Indianapolis Roofing Contractors 317-506-1358

There are plenty of uses for a ladder around the house. Everything from hanging pictures to dusting high shelves is made easier and safer with a ladder. These simpler tasks do not pose a high risk of danger since the height levels are not extreme. However, when you have work to do on or near your rooftop, the level of risk greatly increases. For this reason, it is important to adhere to strict ladder safety standards in order to protect yourself from an accident.

If you are a homeowner who insists on implementing certain rooftop chores yourself, such as gutter cleaning, inspections, painting, and tree pruning, it is wise to review some critical ladder safety tips. Continue reading to get started right away!

Ladder Injuries

Regardless if you are working 3 feet off the ground or 30, ladder safety is important and should be practiced at all times. The most common ladder accidents that occur are drops, tilts, and falls. These kinds of accidents, whether from high up or down low, can result in serious orthopedic injuries and head injuries.

Falls from lower heights can also result in these kinds of injuries; but more commonly, they result in less serious injuries such as lesions, hematomas, muscle sprains and strains, and flesh wounds. The most common cause for ladder injuries is improper use. Manufacturer defects are another common cause. So when buying a ladder, be sure to never buy a used one, and always read customer reviews to ensure it is a quality product you can trust. Although product defects are out of your control, improper use can be avoided with the right knowledge and discipline.

Ladder Safety 101

These tips are full-proof ways to avoid serious ladder accidents, so be sure to learn them and pass them along to your kids and loved ones!

Before using your ladder, look for the product safety label. Every ladder should have one. It contains the specifications for weight limits, as well as, important manufacturer warnings.

Before each use, inspect the structural condition of your ladder. Check that there are no cracks, bends, warped metal, or missing bolts. If it looks like it is in poor condition, do not use it.

Do not let children use or play with ladders.

Avoid using your ladder outdoors when the weather is inclement. This includes high winds, fog, and rain.

Always wear flat slip-resistant shoes when using a ladder.

Always place your ladder on a flat, stable surface. If the surface is not level, your ladder will tilt and fall.

Only use a ladder when you are feeling healthy and clear. Avoid ladders when you feel intoxicated, tired, dizzy, ill, disoriented, injured, or sore.

When on your ladder, never try to reach or overextend your body under any circumstances. Adhere to a safe work radius, and climb down to readjust your ladder for additional locations.

Always work from the middle of your ladder, between the two side rails. This will maintain optimal balance and prevent falls.

Do Not Get on Your Roof or Implement Roof Work if it is Too Dangerous For You!

Indianapolis Roofing Contractors

Indianapolis Roofing Contractors 317-506-1358

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