5 Reasons Why Aluminum Rain Gutters are Better Than Plastic

Rain gutters should be built to last, but that does not mean they last forever. At some point in your home owning journey, you will need to replace your rain gutter system with a new one. When this time comes, you will find that there are several options to choose from in terms of materials, quality, cost, color, style, and more.

At the most basic phase of the gutter replacement process, first you will need to determine which material is the right choice for your home. It is common for homeowners to get tied up between plastic rain gutters and aluminum rain gutters, since these are the most prevalent on the market. However, just because plastic and polymer materials are well-suited for many other features of a home, rain gutters are not one of them.

Continue reading to learn the top 5 reasons why aluminum gutters are a better choice than plastic.

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Variety of Styles

Plastic gutters traditionally come in nude color selections, like brown or white. But aluminum gutters can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors and styles, making them the more attractive option in terms of aesthetics and curb appeal. You can customize the colors of your new rain gutters to match or compliment your home and personal style. Match the colors of your roofing, siding, window panes, shutters, and more!


Aluminum is a metal alloy, which comes with all sorts of environmental and economic benefits. When it comes to gutter systems, aluminum is highly durable and long-lasting. Aluminum rain gutters can last up to 20 years or more with good care, and work and look great the whole time. This long-term performance makes them more cost-effective. Plastic gutters can also last up to 20 years, but tend to show visible signs of defects and performance decline after only ten years.


Not only do aluminum gutters last a long time, they are resilient to climate, inclement weather, pest infestation, nuisance wildlife, moisture, precipitation, and more. This means they are less likely to crack, show signs of wear and tear, or require minor repairs throughout the years. Plastic gutters are known to warp in extreme temperature fluctuations, and even bend under the weight of debris or heavy precipitation.


Although nothing can be 100% guaranteed leak-proof, aluminum gutters is very close to the mark. Plastic gutters are installed in sections, making leaks more possible since there are seams between each piece. Aluminum gutters are installed as one whole piece, making them seamless. Without seams, there are less areas that can turn into a water leak.

Environmentally Friendly

As mentioned, aluminum is a metal alloy, which comes with all sorts of environmental benefits. Since metal is 100% recyclable, they can be reused over and over again for several different applications. Many sustainable builders and green-building specialists will argue that vinyl rain gutters, or any type of rain gutter made from PVC plastic, is bad for the environment. Not only do they contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, people, and wildlife, plastic gutters are not recyclable in all towns. Furthermore, PVC plastic releases a wide range of possibly harmful chemicals into the air when burned.

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