3 Solutions to Flat Roof Drainage Problems

Flat roofs are a common roofing system for residential and commercial properties since they offer reasonable pricing, easy installation, and longevity with good care. However, some flat roof systems are vulnerable to drainage problems if they are not installed properly. If you have noticed water drainage issues with your roof this year, be sure to act fast and resolve any defects before winter arrives. Otherwise, you may discover a heap of damage to your roof after all the snow and ice melt away next spring.

Continue reading to learn about 3 common solutions for roof water drainage problems.

Indianapolis Roofing Contractors 317-506-1358

Indianapolis Roofing Contractors 317-506-1358


Gutter systems are one of the most critical protective components of a residential property. That is because they divert water off of a roof and away from a house or building. If your roof is having drainage issues, it could be due to defective gutters, or not having a gutter system at all. Try adding a gutter system to your property, and see how well it works to protect your roof and more. Just be sure to have gutters installed by a professional and licensed roofing company.


Another workable solutions for poor water drainage on roofs are scuppers. Scuppers are outlets that project water runoff away from a house or building, very similar to how gutters work. They are positioned on the edges of a roof, so they work well to keep siding and walls dry during times of precipitation. They work better against heavy rain, but do not stand up as well against snow and ice. This means they are best suited for regions that do not experience heavy snowfall or freezing temperatures.

Internal Drains

Internal drainage systems are another great option for larger homes and buildings, especially those with roofs that tend to collect water in the center. For this reason, they are placed in intervals near the center of a roof, and retain an internal network of gutters and pipes that divert water to the exterior of a house or building. They are commonly designed with guards or strainers that prevent leaves and twigs from obstructing any pipes.

Get a Roof Inspection Now

If you do not want to be hit with an unexpected roof repair, be sure to take care of any water drainage issues now while the weather still permits. Taking action now will prevent further water damage, structural damage, and damage to your overall foundation. Contact an Indianapolis roofing company for expert advice and service you can trust.

Indianapolis Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

Indianapolis Roofing Contractors 317-506-1358

Indianapolis Roofing Contractors 317-506-1358

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